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Best Online Casino Games NL

An important criterion of choosing an online casino is the number of games put into its online catalog. Online casino games NL are diverse and are of the biggest interest of gamers of the Netherlands. In this article, we’re considering what online casino games attract modern gamblers.

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List of the Best Online Casino Games NL

Games located in some online gambling venues define the general interest of a person in this facility and how long will he or she stay there. So the tighter casino owners pack their webpages with the best online casino games, the brighter the outcome of the gaming process will be (and the longer the players are able to satisfy their gambling desire in this casino, not quitting it or going to another).

It is considered that a good number in one casino is 1,000 games and more. Since the biggest part of games in every modern online venue is made of slots, let’s talk about them primarily.

In every area, there are stars and unknown names. In the world of slots, there are more than a hundred stars, which popularity spars through the years, for some – even more than a decade. Loud names of the best online casino games in the slot world are:

  • 1. Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt
  • 2. Book of Dead by Play’n GO
  • 3. Jammin’ Jars by Quickspin
  • 4. Bonanza by BigTimeGaming
  • 5. Book of Ra by Novomatic
  • 6. Reactoonz by Play’n GO
  • 7. Mega Moolah by Microgaming
  • 8. Cleopatra by IGT
  • 9. Olympus by Play’n GO
  • 10. Dead or Alive by NetEnt
  • 11. Monopoly by BigTimeGaming
  • 12. Sizzling Hot by Novomatic.

We’ve named just a few. And we offer you to find more slots on your own, in online venues to your liking. The named casino games NL have original versions and many continuations, spin-offs, and versions, so the families of the biggest part of the named include more than 10 instances, which have been released through the span of over a decade (with the first of them appearing in the 2000s). Mega Moolah slot, for instance, is considered the most giving video slot of all time since the single top winning ever received was 17 million dollars in this online casino game NL.

Best Online Casino Mobile Games

The boom of online casino games Nederland was in the period of the 2000s and 2010s. World’s human population in this period received really powerful personal computers and mobile phones to play on the Internet, as well as the Internet connection itself has been significantly improving all over the planet. Compared to the 1990s, the period of the dawn of casino games NL online and offline, the average power of PCs and the Internet speed in the 2010s improved more than a hundred times. So, no wonder, today, in the 2020s, billions of people on the planet have an easy possibility to play the best online casino games on their hand-carried devices, the average cost of each is smaller than a monthly income of an average person. At least, nearly every adult is capable of buying a used smartphone without significant breakage of yearly cash flows. That directly results in the ability of billions of people on the planet to access mobile games – slots, cards, dice, table games, live dealer games, and roulette.

Some online casino games NL that were released with the support of Flash technology were later redesigned to meet the new reality of HTML5. Some were not – but those were predominantly not very popular games, the creators of which focused on making new things instead of resurrecting something that wouldn’t fly anyway.

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How to Choose the Best Online Casino Games NL?​

When you’re planning to pick some best online casino games Nederland, consider what you want in the first place. Wanna have fun quickly? Well, slots are the solution, as they do not demand skills or knowledge of extensive rules. Want to win from the casino or other players thanks to your skills, attentiveness, and some fair share of luck? Then your choice would be card games, where skills are the cornerstone. Want to feel a large buzz while relying on a medium degree of luck? Then roulette would be the answer to your question. Feeling absolutely lucky today? Then, definitely, lotteries.

Types of Online Casino Games NL

We can define the following types of casino games NL:

  • 1) Video slots without a regular/progressive jackpot – this category includes slots of all types, 2D and 3D, manufactured from the 1990s to the current year, as well as arising today new kinds of slots called MegawaysTM.
  • 2) Slot online casino games Nederland with a regular/progressive jackpot – they allow winning huge amounts of money, from several hundred thousand dollars to several million. The biggest-ever winnings reach 10-15 million dollars.
  • 3) Table online casino games NL, which include everything that requires a table to play. Some specialists add to this category everything that’s not slots but we think this approach a bit too generalizing, so we’ll submit below a more detailed explanation of other games.
  • 4) Card games – everything that can be gambled and that includes cards, like baccarat, poker, Sic Bo, blackjack… There exist over 50 varieties of just poker and about 30 types of blackjack, so, embracing the rest of card games, there must be at least two hundred variations (considering tens of other card games, which usually aren’t guests of online casinos).
  • 5) Dice online casino games. Everything that includes dice. Sometimes, these games also include cards in the gaming process.
  • 6) Lotteries: from Keno, Lotto, and Bingo to hundreds of other varieties of lotteries, which humankind has elaborated during the years of online casino games’

Roulette. There exist three most popular kinds of it (French, European, and American), which vary further with individual games. Even the worst online casino is capable of showing 5-10 varieties. The biggest online databases include over a hundred roulette types.


There are many online games to play. And there are many possibilities open for modern gamers. Some online gaming places offer thousands of gaming pieces at a time, while others focus on the quality of associated offers. What is your type of pastime?